Family-owned distillery in Dromana has an international outlook video transcript

Vision: View of Bass & Flinders Distillery front of building showing signage.

Text: Ready for Growth.

- Holly Klintworth, Bass and Flinders Distillery

In 2009 my father, Wayne, set up this business.

Vision: View of staff working in the distillery.

- Holly Klintworth

The inspiration behind Bass & Flinders, we’re located on the Mornington Peninsular, it had lots of vineyards, but at the time there was no distilleries, so we saw a bit of an opportunity to do something different.

Vision: View of product display in kegs and close-up of products. View of staff member pouring a cocktail. View of signage showing cocktail of the week.

- Holly Klintworth

Here at our distillery door in Dromana, we have a bar, you can come and have a cocktail, a grazing platter.

Vision: View of people taking the gin master class.

- Holly Klintworth

We offer gin master classes, which is a two hour course in gin and you can blend up your own bottle of bespoke gin.

Text: Why did you get involved in Ready for Growth?

Vision: View of Spirit of the Mornington Peninsula poster. View of gin bottles on display.

- Holly Klintworth

I heard about the Ready for Growth Program through the Entrepreneurs Program that I was already involved in.

Vision: View of Holly working in distillery. Close-up view of keg.

- Holly Klintworth

For me any opportunity to develop my skills further around business management, around financial management, HR, marketing, I’ll jump at that opportunity. View of Holly speaking with Koraly online.

Text: Benefits to business through Ready for Growth.

- Holly Klintworth

The great thing about this program was the face-to-face learning as well, not only with my mentor Koraly, but also the in-person learnings where in the room you had a whole lot of different small business owners coming from very different industries and bouncing your challenges and your ideas around in a group like that was really valuable as well.

Vision: View of staff members sealing bottle and placing on shelf.

- Holly Klintworth

The Growth Action Plan for us that was about export, around price changing, and as well re-evaluating our current business plan.

Vision: View of Holly speaking with Koraly online. View of people in the gin master class.

- Holly Klintworth

Koraly and I focused together on working through a bit of a break-even point when it comes to pricing. It helped me better understand where the profit generation in the business comes from and certain products where maybe they weren’t making as much profit and what we could do to change those things.

Vision: View of staff member mixing cocktail in bar and people tasting them.

- Holly Klintworth

The Ready for Growth Program has been invaluable for me, it’s been really, really helpful.

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Text: To help your business get Ready for Growth, register your interest in the program. Visit:| Business Victoria.

Text: Victoria State Government.  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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