Video Transcript: Revolutions: Records & Rebels @ Melbourne Museum

[Vision: Various exhibition displays depicting the 1960s culture and fashion, pop artists, landing on the moon, Revolution Records and Rebels - people at festival.]

Georgina Jerums

John Lennon’s glasses, Barbarella, Mick Jagger’s jumpsuit, civil unrest, political instability and swinging London, welcome to Revolutions, a wild exhibition about the late sixties.

[Vision: Record covers and advertising sign for tobacco, guitar]

Michelle Stevenson - Acting Head of Society & Technology Melbourne Museum

Revolutions, Records and Rebels takes us through five tumultuous years that shook the world at the end of the 1960s.

[Vision: Displays depicting youth culture and fashion, music labels, festivals, new innovations]

The rise in youth culture, fashion, the growth of music, festivals, protest, innovation and ideas, new technology, some of those things that have shaped and are continuing to shape the world today.

[Vision: Protest signs from the 1960s, innovative ideas, man listening to 1960s music]

The audio experience is a key component of this exhibition, so the music really allows you to be transported into a particular place and time.

[Vision: Displays showing youth at festival, demonstrations, clothing, lady smoking, artwork, band playing - books from the ‘60s - feminism sign, gay and lesbian sign, indigenous rights, mannequin wearing face mask, demonstration signs and messages, Barclay card, man on boat waving]

The exhibition is a lot of fun, but it has a very serious message, so if we think about some of the ideas that are explored in this exhibition, the protests, the changes in youth culture that started to happen in the ‘60s, the rise of environmentalism, the second wave of feminism, gay and lesbian rights, indigenous rights, we’re still seeing people out in the streets today protesting those very same issues.

So the exhibition asks you to reflect how far have we really come?

[Vision: Fireworks, demonstrators for peace, voting signs, clothing from the Beetles]

Georgina Jerums

You have until the 25th of August to experience this exhibition.

[Vision: Artwork, clothing display - The best way to predict the future is to invent it]

It is a trip, and it may well shake up your world.

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