Video Transcript: Spend where it counts

Video Transcript

Spend where it counts

[Vision: Front entrance of Big Esso. Staff in the restaurant bar preparing cocktails. Norrie speaking in the restaurant.

Nornie Bero, Mabu-Mabu, Melbourne

It's about people, and people make you successful.

It's about the village that we created to make sure that our business will always run like that.

[Vision: Customers sitting outside, drinking cocktails. "Big Esso" red neon sign. Norrie placing dishes of food in front of the customers.]

"Big Esso" is about saying the biggest "thank you".

And that's thank you to all of the people that have supported us, and got us to being able to open this.

[Vision: Pookipoiga's shop front, showing the front door and gifts in the window. Sree speaking to a customer who is holding a gift. Sree speaks to the camera in the store, and is then seen cutting wrapping paper and wrapping a gift.]

Nellerichal "Sree" Sreeju, Pookipoiga, Richmond

It's about making someone's day. And so many little aspects can count.

Even when you write a note and put a smiley face and a couple of love hearts - that goes a long way.

[Vision: Close up of a wooden bird mobile, knitted toys, a customer selecting from a rack of socks, and a customer picking up a nut milk bag. Two customers examine items in the store as a shop assistant speaks to them. The two customers leave the store with wrapped gifts.]

And then you can put a seed paper which grows and it's all recycled and made in Australia.

You're supporting a lot of different local businesses like that.

[Vision: Rob and Claire sit on a couch in Lon Retreat. The landscape surrounding the retreat, a fence and farmland, with a sign pointing towards the Farm Walk. Two guests approach and enter Lon Retreat.]

Rob Gemes, Lon Retreat, Point Lonsdale

We believe in a small, little way, we're able to provide a location that people can come where it's all right to just do nothing.

[Vision: Inside the retreat, a table with the sign 'the little shop of lon' holds a number of items, including cards and pottery. We see people examining clothes and jewellery. A guest enjoys a back massage.]

Claire Gemes, Lon Retreat, Point Lonsdale

And then when you're in that space, you find the ability to also connect with

the community and the beautiful makers and growers that are within our region.

[Vision: Shots of a spa with a lit candle on the table next to it. Claire pours cups of tea from a glass teapot and passes one to a guest.]

It's that, from check-in to checkout experience, where local is key.

[Vision: A split screen showing Norrie, Claire and Rob, and Sree. Spend Where It Counts.  #BuyLocalVic and the Business Victoria logo.]

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