Video transcript: Bendigo community supports refugees into working futures

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Hadi Ghorbani Karanji - Employee, Poyser Motors Group

My name is Hadi.

I arrived in Australia 2013.

[Vision:  Hadi working on vehicle - Hadi speaking]

I came from Iran with my wife and my son, and I stayed two years in detention.

[Vision:  Hadi working on vehicle - Hadi speaking - Hadi working on vehicle]

I had so many problems to find a job because I had a bridging visa first.

[Vision:  Hadi speaking - Hadi working on vehicle]

After I’m just looking around Bendigo to find a job, someone gave me the number from LCMS.

[Vision:  Hadi speaking - Hadi working on vehicle - Hadi speaking]

When I went there they speak with me and tell me some options about study and work.

LCMS tell me about this job.

[Vision:  Hadi working on vehicle]

I’m working here for around nine months.

Matt Johnson - Holden Service Manager, Poyser Motors Group

Hadi works in my team.

He started off as a detailer.

[Vision:  Matt overseeing Hadi working on vehicle]

Now he’s moved up to an accessory fitter.

[Vision:  Matt speaking]

Hadi is supported by LCMS, Access Australia Group and Jobs Victoria.

[Vision:  Holden signage]

From refugee backgrounds we have about five or six employees.

[Vision:  Matt speaking]

So far all of them are doing a great job, very positive and also very reliable as well.

[Vision:  Hadi speaking]

I want to say thank you to LCMS.

[Vision:  Matt and Hadi working on vehicle - Matt speaking]

They come in, pay a couple of visits, see how they’re going, make sure everyone’s going ok, make sure we’re looking after them, which we always do.

We pride ourselves in that.

[Vision:  Hadi speaking]

Really, really, this country is beautiful and beautiful people, very nice people around.

[Vision:  Hadi working on vehicle]

I’m happy.  I like it. And my family is happy too.

[Vision:  Hadi speaking]

Any job for a start is good.

[Vision:  Hadi working on vehicle]

In Iran I am an electrical technician.

[Vision:  Hadi speaking]

In the future I am going to a TAFE.

[Vision:  Hadi working on vehicle]

I would like to be a mechanic.

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