Video transcript: Digital Innovation Festival leads the way across Victoria

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

Digital Innovation Festival 2019

[Vision: People entering auditorium and being seated - views of various speakers presenting - Kelly Hutchinson posing for a photograph with lady]

Kelly Hutchinson, Digital Innovation Festival Manager

So today we launched the 2019 Digital Innovation Festival, or what we call DIF.

And it’s a festival that’s running from the 23rd of August to the 6th of September.

And today down at the Victorian Innovation Hub we had a number of our feature events, do a one minute pitch with one slide, that’s the rules of DIF Club.

[Slide: Social Innovation Summit 2019 - Taking the future into our hands - 30th August - Docklands]

Presenter 1

We believe that each individual has the power to transform their personal culture, their organisational culture, their culture in the community, and the culture of our planet.

[Slide: Digital AI Summit Melbourne - 27 August 2019 - Humanising AI]

Presenter 2

The focus of the day is around Digital AI and what businesses face today, so the real problems they’re going through.

Presenter 3

If you want to know more about Blockchain please come.

[Slide: Blockchain Bootcamp at the Victorian Innovation Hub - 20 Presentations & workshops - 28 August 2019]

If you know a little bit but really want to get to know more please come.

We’re here to showcase the talents, the top innovators here in Victoria.

[Vision: People in auditorium listening to speakers]

Kathy Coultas, Director - Strategic Technology Partnerships

The Digital Innovation Festival is really unique to Victoria.

[Slide: 2019 iAwards - Supporting Australian innovation for 26 years - 2019 National iAwards Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony - Thursday 29 August 2019 - Melbourne Convention & Entertainment Centre]

[Slide: Pivot Live]

[Slide: Emerging Innovation Summit 2019 - Emerging Innovative Minds - 26-28 August 2019 - Melbourne Australia]

[Slide: Bendigo Invention & Innovation Festival]

[Slide: Future AUS - - Torquay RACV 1-6 September]

[Slide: Women’s Innovation Forum - tickets from $39 - 23 August 2019]

It’s a whole string of activities and events happening across the state, like literally every regional town, every outer metro suburb, and in the CBD.

And it’s really ambitious in that we’re trying to engage everyone.

So this is not about the city versus the country kind of thing, this is literally around everyone.

[Vision: Audience members listening to speakers and taking photographs]

But we want every local town and their businesses to be able to engage this leading technology as well.

[Vision: Presenter speaking and audience listening]

So it’s really about making Victoria a giant amazing ecosystem for technology-driven innovation.

Presenter 4

I think the idea of DIF, I really appreciate it, and I think that’s the power of innovation to connect people, to bring them together and create networks of networks and that creates really a better world.

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