Video transcript: David Jones headquarters opens in Melbourne

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[Vision: New head office external vision - people mingling and viewing the new building]

Georgina Jerums

Melbourne has long been known as the nation’s fashion and retail capital.

[Vision: View of staff at computers and working]

And that title has been given a further boost with the opening of the new corporate head office for Country Road and David Jones in Burnley, securing 1500 jobs.

Ian Moir - Chief Executive Officer, Woolworths Holdings Ltd

[Vision: Fashion models on catwalk - people viewing fashions]

We felt bringing our businesses together in one custom-built centre in the capital for fashion, and the capital for retail, made absolute sense.

[Vision: David Jones building Sydney - time lapse of pedestrians outside David Jones store]

The investment by Woolworths Holding Limited sees David Jones relocating its head office from Sydney and Country Road Group relocating from nearby Richmond.

[Vision: Ian Moir speaking]

Sydney is obviously a green city.

[Vision: Fashion models displaying styles to audience]

But Melbourne, when it comes to retail and fashion Melbourne’s it.

Everybody loves their fashion.

It’s talked about more.

[Vision: Ian Moir speaking]

It’s just more fashionable isn’t it?

[Vision: External view of new headquarters - Ian Moir talking with others - internal view of new headquarters - people mingling]

Spanning 16,000 square metres, the purpose-built site also houses the head offices of the Mimco, Trenery, Witchery and Politix businesses.

[Vision: Ian Moir speaking]

We saw a long-term future.

We’ve invested a lot of money at the most difficult time.

And we did so because we really saw a great future for retail.

[Vision: Internal view of new headquarters]

And we’ll continue to invest a lot of money into the future in retail.

[Vision: Handbags - online website - customers in physical store]

It doesn’t matter whether it’s online, whether it’s in physical stores, we really believe in a future for retail in Melbourne.

[Vision: Many people looking at internal of new headquarters listening to Ian Moir speak]

Good morning everyone.

I am so excited, so happy.

[Vision: View of amazing skylight - Ian and Philip Dalidakis cutting ribbon to open headquarters]

This has been a long time in the making, and we stand here in the most amazing light-filled building, all of it has been worthwhile.

Philip Dalidakis - Minister for Trade & Investment

[Vision: Entrance to new headquarters - people mingling and viewing new headquarters]

To have Woolworths Holdings Limited, one of the great retailers of the world, invest in Victoria, invest in Melbourne, to have confidence to be able to come here, to grow here, I think that says everything about the opportunity that’s provided, and of course the future that is so bright for everybody involved.

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