CREATOR Global supports worldwide brands with the Internet of Things

CREATOR Global director Slade Sherman tells us how a simple philosophy of ‘making things better’ is taking this Melbourne industrial design company to the forefront of the Internet of Things.

What’s the Internet of Things about?

Mention the Internet of Things (IoT) and you might get a few people scratching their head. Sure, they’ve heard the term, but they’re not exactly sure what it means. It’s simple: connected devices that talk to each other. The internet used to live on computers, now it can exist on other things… the Internet of Things. This means new devices and objects in our lives are able to fully function online. With more than 20 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 IoT is an Industrial revolution for the 21st century.

Melbourne-based CREATOR Global merges digital into physical, sparking new experiences and forging connections.

“We’re not far away from a world where everything with power will be connected in some way,” says CREATOR director, Slade Sherman.

From ideas to application

CREATOR Global helps brands move from an idea to a new device by:

  • Starting with a problem or insight and finding a solution through a connected device
  • Designing an object or ‘thing’ to suit customer need
  • Taking the design from prototype to manufacture
  • Working with a range of software platforms to connect the device
  • Testing the device and helping roll it out to the brands customer base.

“We take the ‘big idea’ and figure out how to make it work to bring connected products to life,” says Slade. “It’s about simplifying everyday life through smart ideas.”

Life in a connected world

IoT is about more than a smart toaster, or a fridge that knows when to order more milk. It opens up opportunities around:

  • Billing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Efficient systems
  • Immersive experiences for customers.

Coverage of IoT often focuses on connected homes, cities, wearable devices and cars, but Slade says there’s a lot more for business to discover.

“What we see now is the tip of the iceberg. There’s a world of possibilities for connecting healthcare, energy, agriculture and manufacturing—every industry has the capacity to be transformed.”

Taking Melbourne innovation to global brands

There’s a tech revolution happening as Melbourne builds a reputation as a hub for innovation and collaboration.

From their Melbourne base, CREATOR Global works with brands across Australia like Telstra and RACV. But most of their projects are for clients based in the USA, Canada and the Asia Pacific.

“Having global reach means a lot of travel, and Melbourne provides a solid base for our team,” says Slade.

“We love the Melbourne lifestyle, and have fun creating and innovating here. Its startup friendly, and the transport infrastructure keeps everything accessible. Not to mention the coffee!”

IoT awareness brings growth

Melbourne’s upcoming Internet of Things festival to  kick off  on Saturday June 3rd and run through to Tuesday June 6 — is providing companies like CREATOR Global with the opportunity to showcase their IoT expertise. Transforming the way businesses think about connected devices and products can help create lifetime customers.

The festival will feature a two-day IOT Cup Hackathon Competition. This will give 170 participants the chance to put forward IoT solutions surrounding the themes of healthcare, ageing population, transport and disability, and food wastage.

The City of Melbourne and Public Transport Authority will make their datasets available to all participants.

The IoT Festival Conference will take place on Monday 5 June, featuring key-note speakers such as Gavin Smith (BOSCH) and Piers Hogarth-Scott (KPMG), with the top five hackathon challengers making their presentations to end of the conference. The final day features an interactive field trip with visits set in place to BOSCH, Monash University, KPMG and Telstra’s IoT Centre to experience IoT in action – all on June 6.

Slade Sherman says raising awareness is key to Australian companies understanding the opportunity of IoT.

“There’s huge opportunities for businesses and government to meet user needs and create a new generation of products and services,” he says.

“The biggest risk is to do nothing. The technology is here and ready to change every business.”

As a central hub for encouraging startup growth and technology advancements, Victoria is playing a vital role in the development of businesses like Creator. By offering leading-edge networks and resourcing, the state continues to prove its ability to foster healthy growth in the tech sector, not to mention IoT.


Get the inside story on IoT at the IOT Conference June 5 at Internet of Things Festival in Melbourne from 3-6th June 2017.