Convention and event centre to reflect Wadawurrung culture and the beauty of the waterfront video transcript

Vision: Aerial artist’s impression view, and street level view of the Geelong Convention and Event Centre and surrounding area.

Diana Taylor, Chair, Geelong Authority

This project is going to be extraordinary for Geelong and the region. It is going to bring people in from overseas; it will bring people in from other parts of Australia, and the economic impact of this project is going to be really significant.

Vision: Internal artist impression views of the convention and event centre.

Natalie O’Brien AM, Chief Executive, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

We think it’s a unique opportunity to represent everything that’s fabulous about Geelong.

Vision: Artist’s impression views of types of events to be held in the convention and event centre.

Text: Exhibition Hall.

Natalie O’Brien

We see the sorts of events being really wide and varied, from soirées to gatherings, right through to sporting, theatre and everything in between.

Vision: View of people walking along the waterfront and views of amusement park and boats moored. View of lifeguard poles.

Natalie O’Brien

MCET is really looking forward to working in partnership with all of the key suppliers, providores, artisans, and businesses here in Geelong.

Vision: View of street in Geelong showing traffic and Market Square. View of boats moored. Close-up view of a smoking ceremony taking place and a person playing a didgeridoo.

Natalie O’Brien

And also working closely with the Wadawurrung people and making sure that we have got culture at the heart and centre of the venue as well.

Text: Nyaal Banyul, Geelong Convention and Event Centre.

Vision: Artist’s impression view of convention and event centre and surrounding area.

Corrina Eccles, Wadawurrung Traditional Owner, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation

We have put recommendations forward for names. Names are also supported by our ngal ngal la Governance Committee.

Vision: View of Corrina and others at a gathering and posing for photograph. View of people wearing t-shirts that spell Nyaal Banyul.

Corrina Eccles

So the name Nyaal, it means open your eyes, and the second part of the name is Banyul, and Banyul means hills. So we ask everyone to open their eyes to the hills.

Vision: View of boats moored with hills in the background. Artist’s impression view of inside the convention and event centre.

Bruno Mendes, Principal Architect, Woods Bagot

It has a convention centre, it has a hotel, and it will also have a future office development.

Vision: Artist’s impression view of convention and event centre with people gathering there and panning back to show hotel behind.

Bruno Mendes

It will also have an incredible public realm. The idea is that the precinct will also have a life outside the convention centre, and that’s important for the broader community to also use it.

Vision: View of water showing boats moored, hills behind and lifeguard pole. View of people walking along waterfront.

Bruno Mendes

So this will be a new gathering place, and really an extension of the existing waterfront of Geelong.

Vision: Artist’s impression of seating inside the convention and event centre and people enjoying a show.

Diana Taylor

I know that Geelong people are going to love this project. I want them to come and visit. I want them to be here on a Sunday afternoon enjoying what this amazing facility is going to have to offer.

Vision: Aerial artist’s impression view of convention and event centre and surrounding area.

Text: Australian Government, Victoria State Government Australia, City of Greater Geelong, Development Victoria, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Trust. Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Event Centre is part of the $500 million Geelong City Deal, a collaborative partnership to transform Geelong and the Great Ocean Road by the Australian and Victorian Governments and the City of Greater Geelong. For more information