Colour of connection: murals bringing people together video transcript

Video transcript

Vision: Views of murals painted on buildings.

Guner Kockaya Reservoir Resident

Well, the murals what I’ve done there, I’ve seen – ‘cause I live upstairs and I can see everything, there were more kids hanging around the back now when there never used to be, used to be trouble, but now there’s kids with mums and dads out there with them.

Vision: View of murals on buildings.

Angie Davidson - Executive Officer, Reservoir Neighbourhood House

This is for the Colour My Neighbourhood Project, it brought neighbours together.

Neighbours had constantly told us how they feel unsafe on the estate because of – there was a lot of rubbish and it felt uncared for, and the buildings kind of were quite old, you know, they’ve been there since the fifties, and so residents were sort of feeling a bit like they were left out.

Guner Kockaya

Well at first they were iffy, but as we were working on it, we used to have a barbecue every Fridays, and they were all coming out for the barbecue and the sausages were great.

At first there used to be some left over which I would take home, now – and then towards when everyone got to know it there was no more food, everyone was just eating away, so like we all got together.

It’s never happened, I’ve been here ten years and no-one’s ever – we’ve never ever got together in that backyard, and it’s for a fight, it was for food and it was good.

It was good.

Everyone was just laughing, you know, like, there were things that we didn’t know about each other.

Vision: View of murals on buildings.

Angie Davidson

They’re happy with their murals, they’re happy with the way that it’s come together, and it’s brought a lot more sense of belonging and connection which was great.

Vision: View of murals on buildings.

Guner Kockaya

It has changed that area.

There hasn’t been trouble since.

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