Colour of connection: murals bringing people together

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Reservoir’s Colour My Neighbourhood project has connected neighbours and created a sense of community pride through 6 beautiful murals.

An East Reservoir housing estate has been transformed into an incredible outdoor art gallery, thanks to the Colour My Neighbourhood project.

Reservoir Neighbourhood House delivered the project, backed by nearly $250,000 from the Victorian Government's Suburban Revitalisation Program. It has successfully brought neighbours together and created a sense of community pride on the estate.

At the heart of the project are 6 beautiful murals, co-designed by residents with local artists who had lost work due to the pandemic. The results are murals which reflect Reservoir and the housing estate’s residents through local plants, animals and First Nations imagery – all helping to create a sense of Country, belonging and connection at the estate.

But the benefits of the project extend much further than great artwork.

The co-design sessions, hosted by Your Community Health and other local providers, provided residents with opportunities to connect and access health support and referrals. The sessions also provided an opportunity for residents to raise other issues with representatives from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH).

The project has breathed new life into the estate, which dates back to the 1950s. Neighbours feel safer and more welcome, encouraging them to connect and spend more time outdoors.

Colour My Neighbourhood was supported by the Reservoir Suburban Revitalisation Board, in partnership with Reservoir Neighbourhood House, Your Community Health and DFFH.

To learn more about how the Victorian Government is supporting the revitalisation of Reservoir, visit Revitalising Reservoir.