Video transcript: Inspiring our future scientists

[Vision: Royal Society of Victoria building]

Dr Amanda Caples – Lead Scientist, DEDJTR

We’re here at our Royal Society of Victoria to launch the Victoria’s Inspiring Australia program.

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And that’s about bringing the power of various networks together to really get behind National Science Week for maximum impact.

Dr Renee Beale – Victorian Science Week Lead

National Science Week started around 21 years ago now.

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And it’s the annual celebration of science in Australia.

[Vision: People mingling and discussing matters]

So this year it is the 11th to the 19th of August.

What we want to do is bring a whole pile of people together to celebrate science, because science is involved in everyone’s life.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a scientist or you’re just a citizen.

If you’re interested in science then you can be part of Science Week.

[Vision: National Science Week signage – Dr Amanda Caples speaking]

People can get involved in Science Week by two mechanisms.

[Vision: National Science Week website]

They can log their event on the National Science Week website.

[Vision: People mingling and discussing matters]

We will soon be launching a Victorian Inspiring Australia website, and that’s another way in which they can register their event.

Mike Flattley – Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Society of Victoria

It’s a terrific way of getting some very bright young minds really enthusiastic about what they’re doing, because it’s an enormous amount of fun.

And at the end of the day scientists are doing what they’re doing because it’s fun.

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They have gone through the whole process of childhood into adulthood, a very difficult process of becoming a professional scientist.

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But you don’t do something like that unless you’re passionate about it.

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And you won’t be passionate about it if it’s not fun.

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