Careers STEM from curiosity

Left to right: Victoria Fitzgerald, Rami Eid and Jessica Hunt

For National Science Week 2022, six scientists working across the resources sector highlight what inspired them and their careers.

Problem solving and curiosity are key factors that have helped drive the careers of six Victorian Government scientists working to develop the state’s resources.

Based in different locations across Victoria and with varied roles, all have a passion for looking at the unknown and using their skills and experience to chart new ground.

Being naturally curious about cause and effect sets up a career as a problem solver, where science skills can be used to overcome challenges.

Jessica Hunt, who works for Earth Resources Regulation overseeing the regulation of the Latrobe Valley’s coal mines, says that science and engineering teaches you how to find solutions to challenges.

“Science teaches you to think logically and there’s an infinite number of other ways you can utilise your skills.”

Another common factor is the ability to manage and understand changes, something that is perhaps more relevant now than ever with the rapid adoption of technology and evolving issues.

Victoria Fitzgerald, Offshore Regulatory Manager for the CarbonNet project, advises students to start with what they like and what they are good at.

“Industry and technology are changing all the time. You cannot possibly know all the options that exist for you at the moment and in the future. Take opportunities when they emerge and follow your interests.”

Rami Eid, Senior Geologist - Energy Resource Systems, agrees that you must harness your interests and to see where that takes you.

“You just have to follow your curiosity as the results are very rewarding, especially when you know how what you have learned can be applied in the real world.”

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