Businesses partner with students to solve tech challenges at SummerTechLIVE video transcript

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Angelina Rianti - Student, Swinburne University ‘Netsports’ intern

The business problem that I helped to solve was overhauling the website.

We started with improving the appearance of the website, adding more pictures and interactivity buttons and we also create more automation.

For me, participating in this program was definitely having a kick-start in my career by being involved in a real industry and working with real professionals.

Mark Buttifant - Director, Netsports

One of the big deliverables we found from overhauling the website was our traffic, the numbers coming through was double/triple than previous returns.

Dedy Kurniawan - Student, Victoria University

There is a lot of things that I learn during this SummerTech internship.

First thing, as an international student, I came here two years ago and then this is my first time to face with a real live problem.

Thomas Melling - Student, Homesglen

I worked with Liminal VR to create an emotive experience on their platform.

A couple of things we learnt with this experience was, one, building a really good creative concept dock.

This allowed us to be really, really comprehensive in setting ourselves time and goals, accountability.

Accountability and pressure, it helped us hit those goals and helped us progress.

Ashith Bhandary - Student, Deakin University

I got an opportunity to work with a client so I could have a one-on-one conversation all the time.

We had the freedom to have a one-on-one conversation with the client.

Emily Chin - Student and research assistant, Deakin University

I would highly recommend students to take part in SummerTech Live and go beyond yourself.

It’s a very good experience to gain your industrials, working with different people.

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