Video transcript: Strengthening support for local steel jobs

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[Vision:  Next generation steel - BlueScope Steel signage- truck turning]

Jim Graham - Plant Manager Western Port, BlueScope Ltd

I think it’s been extremely busy.

Demand is strong.

Our workforce is growing

[Vision:  Forklift transporting steel - crane loading steel onto ship “NINGHAI - Singapore]

And we are struggling to keep up with the market which is a marvellous problem to have.

Directly from our wharf there we are sending approximately 120,000 tonnes to the US on an annual basis, so that’s about one ship a month.

[Vision:  Steel being manufactured - staff working at factory]

In the last 12 months we’ve put on over 100 people.

[Vision:  Steel being transported in factory - staff working]

Over the last three years it’s about 150 people.

So it’s been a very good news story for us.

[Vision:  Jim speaking with staff in factory]

Ben Carroll - Minister for Industry & Employment

We have seen firsthand down here how manufacturing is growing and changing and diversifying.

[Vision:  Western Port factory - forklift transporting steel]

BlueScope are a leading Australian company at the forefront of lean manufacturing.

[Vision:  Jim speaking - staff working - forklift - truck being loaded]

Lean manufacturing starts with the principle that you get your whole workforce involved, that you respect the people on the shop floor, and that they have ideas and the energy to make changes to the process that we, as management, can’t see.

[Vision:  Truck leaving with load of steel]

We can eliminate waste in all of its forms.

We can reduce our costs substantially.

[Vision:  Jim speaking]

Increase the speed of delivery of our products.

[Vision:  Truck travelling with steel]

And, become a super competitive supplier of steel products.

[Vision:  Steel being manufactured - Ben speaking]

We’ve seen firsthand how some production lines who have supported the auto industry are now supporting the residential market.

It’s a wonderful example BlueScope.

[Vision:  Internal view of factory and steel]

And I think they’re a wonderful company who should be very proud of what they’re doing right here at Western Port.

[Vision:  Jim speaking - internal view of factory]

More local content; more local jobs, good for the local economy; good for the economy of Australia overall.

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