BioMelbourne Network Set to Take US by Storm

Medical innovations made possible by local collaboration networks are set to take the US by storm as The BioMelbourne Network connects investors with Melbourne’s best medical minds.

The BioMelbourne Network will be leading a trade delegation to the US in October, made up of representatives from 15 of their 190 member organisations and headed by BioMelbourne Network CEO Dr Krystal Evans.

The delegation’s trip will begin in Boston, one of the world’s great life science hubs, and will then move on to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for one of the largest medical technology conferences in North America, the AdvaMed Conference. There, they will make up part of the Australian pavilion. “It is an opportunity for us to showcase Melbourne innovation to the world” says Dr Evans.

Melbourne on a Global Stage

Dr Evans passionately advocates the important role BioMelbourne Network plays in progressing Victoria’s reputation as a global destination for innovators in the fields of life sciences and health technology. She believes the US trip will be a perfect opportunity to place Melbourne companies squarely on the world stage: “We are helping Melbourne innovation go global” says an enthusiastic Dr Evans.

One of the companies in the delegation is the Global Kinetics Corporation: They will be showcasing a medical device engineered to help healthcare professional treat patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and it is as easy to use as it is effective.

The Parkinson’s KinetiGraph™ (PKG) is a monitoring device that resembles a wristwatch; by tracking the wearer’s movements, it provides a stream of data for the patient’s doctor, who can then use it to determine the progression of the disease and the severity of the symptoms. This data can then be used to assist doctors in treating symptoms and assessing the patient’s response to particular therapies.

The PKG is the culmination of extensive collaboration with different partners across Melbourne’s vibrant biotech industry. Global Kinetics Corporation raised funds to commercialise and rollout the device in 16 different countries, giving over 70,000 people access to this ground-breaking technology. Dr Evans describes the device as a “growing success story” and promises more to come: “They are really just at the start,” she says.

BioMelbourne Network puts Melbourne companies ahead

This recent success comes on the back of a very fruitful visit to Melbourne by representatives of US medical technology giant Medtronic Diabetes. A spokesperson for the group told Dr Evans they were enthusiastic about Melbourne’s thriving biotech industry: “We were impressed by the array of technology and business development that you have in Melbourne; [it puts Melbourne] ahead of other major cities in the world, in terms of BioMelbourne Network’s reach and collaboration and biotech stakeholders.”

BioMelbourne Network had set up a diverse program of meetings, networking events and site visits that showcased new technology from leading Melbourne biotech and medical technology companies, bringing Melbourne’s greatest bio-technology minds together.

Victorian innovation continues

The BioMelbourne Network, encompassing 190 member companies involved in biotechnology, medical technology and health innovation, plays a critical role in linking health research with industry. The BioMelbourne Network showcases Victorian innovation and supports commercialisation to impact healthcare on a global scale.

“Not only do we help our members connect and collaborate locally,” said Dr Evans, “but also to have and develop strong global connections.”

With organisations like The BioMelbourne Network helping Melbourne’s talented medical minds to attract international investment and partners, it’s no wonder Victoria is home to so many medical innovations.