Video transcript: Bendigo set to fly as Qantas touches down

Please note: Images in this article were taken before current COVID-19 safety measures were in place.

[Vision: Qantas plane taxiing on runway – people taking photos of plane – plane taxiing and being guided by controller – plane door being opened and John Gissing exiting plane – Welcome to Bendigo Airport sign]

John Gissing - Chief Executive QantasLink

Fantastic to be here in regional Victoria to announce what is the first time ever a regular airline service between Bendigo and Sydney.

[Vision: Reporters taking photographs of plane and people – pilots listening to speech – Qantas plane taxiing – Bendigo sign]

And starting late March next year the services will commence.

Tim Pallas - Treasurer of Victoria

What it will mean is that people of Bendigo will be able to fly direct from here to Sydney, therefore avoiding an up to two-hour drive to Melbourne Airport in both directions.

[Vision: People listening to Tim Pallas speaking - Tim Pallas speaking]

And importantly, Sydney residents and all of the economic opportunity that they bring with them, whether it’s tourism or investment, will be able to get here.

And of course if you get accessibility you get investment, you get jobs.

[Vision: People listening to speech]

So this is a great story for the growth of the economy of this area.

[Vision: People mingling and chatting]

Rachel Lee - Regional Director - Loddon Mallee Regional Development Victoria

The State Government assisted a number of years ago in helping develop the infrastructure, the runway, in conjunction with the city and the federal government.

[Vision: Aerial view of Bendigo runway – Rachel Lee speaking]

And now more recently has come and assisted with facilitating a marketing and infrastructure package to get the service off the ground.

[Vision: Close-up of plane taxiing]

Thrilled, delighted, excited, yeah all of that.

Marg O’Rourke - Mayor, City of Greater Bendigo

We know it’s going to be a game-changer.

We know that this will make a significant difference to Bendigo.

[Vision: People in coffee shop - shop signs – tram travelling through Bendigo]

We have a great lifestyle and we have a lot to offer.

[Vision: Colonial Mutual Life Building and fountain]

A city of our size is doing some extraordinary things and I just think this brings that extra confidence that we know is happening for our community.

[Vision: Bendigo Art Gallery - Rachel Lee speaking – Plane taking off and flying]

Bendigo wants to be known as Australia’s most liveable community, and this is just one more step in achieving that goal.

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