Video transcript: Around the world on a plate in Maribyrnong

Around the world on a plate in Maribyrnong

[Vision: Female chef preparing food, view of gas hotplate lighting up, Sun signage, food being prepared, Chibog fluorescent sign, pizza being cut, Blue Bamboo signage, cocktail being shaken, digital timer being set]

Male voice

All the food have a story.

[Vision: Chef cooking food and singing, food being served]

Female voice

Flavours can talk to you.

[Vision: Bartender preparing cocktail, bamboo bowl of dumplings and lady serving food]

Female voice

It’s a great way to discover the different culture.

[Vision: Food being prepared, ‘beckoning cat’ figurine, male in Chibog restaurant preparing food]

Male voice

It’s so multicultural, we can literally travel around the world, like, within our streets.

[Vision: Ice being dropped into glass, fish, two men holding Dog Nation framed picture of AFL football, two men smiling, mosaic of peace, food being prepared, two men meeting in street]

Male voice

People living in harmony together is the best thing ever, you can see all the value of the different culture.

[Vision: Wine being poured, food being prepared, pizza being tossed by various chefs, egg being cracked into flour]

Female voice

You’re giving people something a little bit more than food, you’re giving people a sense of pride in their community.

[Vision: Various night views of people enjoying themselves, Footscray tram, Western Bulldogs signage and football game]

Footscray is home it’s been very, very good to me.

[Vision: Pizza boxes stacked ready for pizzas, male sitting at table, pizza and other food being prepared]

Male voice

Fellas what are we doing?

I’m getting hungry by the minute, want to eat anything.

[Vision: Man pouring wine, others meeting each other and chatting, Footscray Market signage, fresh produce and views inside market]

Male voice

It’s really nice to look after each other.

People know each other by name, it’s like a country town.

[Vision: Man waving and store holder in market giving thumbs-up, fresh produce, seafood being cooked, male walking across road to markets, meeting people and shaking hands then crossing road and giving victory sign, then sitting on stool laughing]

Male voice

When I walk down the streets I call it the bright people effect.

Even when you’re walking down the street you know so many people saying hello to you, I just really feel like Brad Pitt.

[Vision: Night views of people enjoying themselves, signing and eating, food being prepared and shop owners smiling and greeting people]

[Vision: Chef Out West, Maribyrnong City Council, Victoria State Government. This project is financed through the Victorian Government’s Let’s Stay Connected Fund, helping communities stay connected during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and beyond]

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