Video transcript: Apprentices kicking goals at Moorabbin Reserve

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Apprentices Kicking Goals at Moorabbin Reserve

[Vision:  St Kilda Football Club sign – Construction site of building]
[Vision:  Jobs Victoria’s Major Projects Skills Guarantee: at least 10 percent of the labour on major projects will be completed by apprentices, trainees and cadets.]
[Vision:  Workman working on building – St K.F.C. emblem]

Matt Finnis – CEO, St Kilda Football Club

We’ve got a terrific project to redevelop RSEA Park and it’s literally coming alive before our eyes.
[Vision:  Apprentices and trainees on construction site]
And we would be doing this project without the significant support of the state government.
[Vision:  Workmen walking onto construction site – workmen working]
Not just in terms of financially supporting this project but also through the work they’ve done to ensure employment opportunities for young Victorians.

Franco Aucamp – Electrical Apprentice
Hi, my name is Franco Aucamp.
I am an electrical apprentice first year, so I help with the rough-in of the power, the data and the lighting.
[Vision:  Franco working – Franco speaking]
It benefits me in that it helps me achieve my A-grade certificate eventually, become an A-grade sparky.
[Vision:  Franco working]
It’s helping me progress through my apprenticeship and I’m learning heaps of hands-on skills.
[Vision:  Ben Carroll and workmen on construction site – Franco working]

Ben Carroll – Minister for Industry and Employment
We’re here today to support the apprenticeships and the young people turning Moorabbin into a 21st century AFL training facility.
[Vision:  Ben Carroll and workers on construction site – workman tiling – workman working]
Opening it up to the community with netball, football, right here at Moorabbin, St Kilda’s home base, you’re going to see the next generation of apprentices, plumbers, builders, learning their skill and their trade on a $30m investment.

Jai McWilliam – Carpentry Apprentice
My name is Jai McWilliam.
I’m a carpentry apprentice. I do framing.
[Vision:  Jai working]
I’m putting ply up in the basketball courts, fit off, hanging doors, all that sort of stuff, yeah.
[Vision:  Apprentices kicking football – Ben Carroll talking with workmen]

Josh Bruce – St Kilda Footballer & Carpentry Apprentice
Yeah. I’m doing a carpentry course one day a week so just starting to prepare for life after football.
I’ve got a few more years up my belt than Sam Gilbert does luckily.
But yeah, no it’s really good.
I’m enjoying doing that one day a week.
[Vision:  Josh talking with Ben Carroll and others – workmen on construction site]
Yeah, and my father and my brother are both builders so I’ll be looking to get into that when I’m finished.

[Vision:  Apprentices, footballers and others posing for photo on football field]
[JOBS VICTORIA / Working for all Victorians]
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