Creative October video transcript

Audio: Music ‘Doing It Right’, Horns of Leroy.

Text: This October find your creative state.

Vision: View of participants in a parade.

Text: Games, Music, Craft, Fashion, Art, Theatre, Talks.


  1. View of people enjoying a musical performance outside and inside.
  2. View of models showing off fashion.
  3. View display inside building.
  4. View of performance on stage.
  5. View of light displays at night.
  6. View of dancers.
  7. View of model of castle.
  8. View of performers on stage and people dancing and enjoying the music.
  9. View of artwork and people dancing in the parade.
  10. View of inside the State Library.
  11. View of guitarists performing and people enjoying the music.
  12. View of a choir singing.
  13. View of dancers dancing.
  14. View of band performing music.
  15. View of people enjoying tickertape.
  16. View of child playing.
  17. View of people dancing and enjoying the light display.
  18. View of people listening to speaker.
  19. View of people enjoying a driving game.
  20. View of speakers talking to audience.
  21. View of band performing.
  22. View of art display.
  23. View of a lady in a float in the parade.
  24. View of entertainer performing and people watching.
  25. View of audience listening to speakers.
  26. View of people using AI.
  27. View of singer performing.
  28. View of a person using virtual game.
  29. View of child playing.
  30. View of people mingling.
  31. View of people enjoying the signage on the exterior of a building.
  32. View of models wearing fashion.
  33. View of person at keyboard.
  34. View of person enjoying artwork.
  35. View of models wearing fashion in the street.
  36. View of band performing and people watching.
  37. View of people watching a large screen display.
  38. View of people sitting at table.
  39. View of Charlton Bowling Club signage.
  40. View of people enjoying artwork.
  41. View of people using driving game.
  42. View of fashion display.
  43. View of people walking away from camera.
  44. View of models wearing fashion.
  45. View of person speaking to audience.
  46. View of dancers.
  47. View of light displays.
  48. View of people dancing and enjoying themselves.
  49. View of dance groups and artists performing on stage.

Text: Be part of Creative October.

[Creative Victoria. #creativeoctober. Music ‘Doing It Right’ Horns of Leroy]