A Cultural Feast: the iconic Golden Dragon Museum’s new restaurant video transcript

[Delivering for Victoria / Upgrading the iconic Golden Dragon Museum]

[Text: The Victorian Government has funded restaurant, outdoor dining and front of house upgrades to support the museum]

[Vision: Split screen view of artefacts in the museum, the Hawker at the Museum restaurant area and entrance to the museum showing ‘Golden Dragon Museum’ sign]

Hugo Leschen - Chief Executive officer, Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo

The Golden Dragon Museum has been here for 30 years but its history goes much further back.

[Vision: View of Hugo Leschen walking into The Loong Gallery at the museum and views of artefacts and pictures in the museum. External view of the Lotus statue]

The collection of over 30,000 objects is centred around the collection of the Bendigo Chinese Association the Chinese community started to collect in the 19th century.

[Vision: View of historic pictures and dragon display, shrine and artefacts]

And through the community looking after these objects, which have been augmented and added to over the years, we now have this extraordinary collection of documents and porcelain and jade and dragons.

[Text: Hawker at the Museum will offer delicious cuisine next to the world-class collection]

[Vision: Split screen view of chef preparing meals and view of the restaurant. View of the tranquil garden and pond at the museum]

There is the opportunity here and with the support of the State Government and its grant of $1 million to upgrade the facilities we have.

[Vision: Views of artefacts in the museum. Views of the Hawker at the Museum restaurant and chef preparing meals]

We are focusing on the front of house with this wonderful, soon to be completed restaurant which will be called Hawker at the Museum that will open to the public shortly.

[Vision: View of Chinese wall hanging and artefacts at the museum]

The stories we tell here are stories of people coming to Australia and making Australia their home, and that’s a great Australian story.

It’s a wonderful place to visit and I encourage everyone to visit as often as they can.

[Vision: View of the Chinese dragon]

[City of Greater Bendigo]

[Victoria State Government / Delivering for Victoria. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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