Upskilling our digital entrepreneurs of tomorrow

SummerTech LIVE gives Victoria’s next generation of digital innovators the ‘hands on’ experience they need.

Savills Research recently ranked Melbourne as Australia’s top technology city and 14th globally. Yet to retain our digital leader credibility, there’s a pressing need for our tertiary students to move beyond the theoretical and acquire real-world skills.

But how? That’s where the Victorian Government’s SummerTech LIVE program comes in. Now in its second year, 61 tertiary students spent the summer working on 35 projects for small to medium enterprises, finding digital solutions to real problems.

The project results were nothing short of cutting edge. They included an app to help parents detect concussion in children playing contact sport, a safety app for firefighters to monitor heartbeat and body temperature, a cybersecurity inventory system for the maritime industry to help save hundreds of millions of dollars lost through viruses and an app to support children with anxiety.

Check out our video where we meet some of the key people involved in this innovative program.

Video Transcript – SummerTechLive 2018

[Title:  SummerTech LIVE 2018 Showcase]

Georgina Jerums

[Vision:  Students addressing meeting – people listening to students speak]

Melbourne has a reputation as Australia’s leading digital hub and today we’re at SummerTech Live where eleven teams from our top universities will be presenting solutions to real world business problems.

[Vision:  Nick addressing meeting – Georgina speaking]

They’re going to be touching on everything from cybersecurity right through to artificial intelligence.

[Vision:  Robot at SummerTech Live]

Helen Paraskevopoulos – Senior Policy Manager, DEDJTR

[Vision:  Students mingling with business people at meeting]

So the idea behind SummerTech Live is to actually bridge the gap between SMEs and educational partners, so it’s showing about engagement and how to engage with each other.

Leith Donaldson – CTO & Co-founder, Gavi Live Auctions

[Vision: People listening to speaker]

We’re one of the business partners in this SummerTech Live program.

[Vision:  Leith speaking]

And we’ve got a relationship with Deakin University and so a number of their students have been completing some of our … what we call our “blue sky” projects for us.

[Vision:  Digital equipment – student working on computer]

Some of the things we don’t have the resources as a start-up to do internally.

Ryan Barsha – Student, Deakin University

It was an amazing experience to get to work with all the business partners, learning how it is to work with other people, working in an office with deadlines.

[Vision:  Ryan addressing meeting – people listening to him speak – Ryan speaking]

So we’ve pretty much created a cybersecurity architecture framework for the maritime industry, where it was pretty much like a roadworthy for ships.

Sherwin D’Souza – Student, Deakin University

[Vision:  Sherwin addressing meeting – Sherwin speaking – architectural model – people mingling]

Communicating in a business environment has been really good, learning how to use communication tools … really nailing down the professionalism aspect of it has been really good.

Liza Arora – Student, Victoria University

The students get to know the people in the corporate world.

They work with the data, and it’s really awesome for them, yeah.

[Vision:  Liza addressing meeting – people listening to Liza speak – Helen speaking]

Tapping into the talent is a big thing because in ICT we have a huge demand in the industry and we have a lack of supply coming out through the pipeline of education.

[Vision:  People mingling and discussing issues – computer motherboard]

So we want to build that and we want these students to be able to build their skills to be able to then be employed.

[Vision:  Digital technology in action – students at computers – student operating equipment – man discussing map in office – man handling robot]

And we want these students to have a better understanding what industry is, and what a workplace is, and to get them to have those job-ready skills that they need.

[Vision:  Robot working – Daniella addressing meeting]

Daniella Ngin – Student, Swinburne University

It really did open up my perspective on the field of technology and the like.

[Vision:  Man taking photo of speaker – Daniella speaking]

I feel more confident in, like, just trying different businesses out, just to be able to work with them, and it’s not as scary as I thought.

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