Melbourne’s C2 conference a playground for innovation

C2 Melbourne banner

Mixing commerce with creativity is the aim of C2, a unique international conference with circus roots that is heading to Melbourne this October.

Supported by the Victorian Government, C2 Melbourne will bring together global influencers including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Emergent CEO Holly Ransom and Melbourne’s own Attica head chef Ben Shewry in a custom-built village featuring artistic installations and musical performances.

The founders behind C2 – Montreal-based creative agency Sid Lee and Cirque De Soleil – have also confirmed Victoria as its Asia Pacific headquarters, further strengthening the state’s reputation as Australia’s innovation capital.

The C2 Melbourne conference is the first to be held outside Canada. It will use meaningful play –  such as `mind-shifting labs’ for brainstorming and `brain dates’ for one-on-one networking – to help disruptors, innovators, executives and startups transform the way they think about creativity in business.

Video transcript – C2 Launch their Asia Pacific HQ in Melbourne

[Title:  C2 Melbourne]

Martin Enault – CEO – Asia Pacific C2

We are here today because C2 has selected Melbourne as its headquarters for Asia Pacific.

[Vision:  Screen views of people enjoying themselves – Lady speaking – The 2018 Theme – Transformative Collisions]

And as well we’ve announced that C2 Melbourne this year will be held from October 17 to 19.

[Vision:  Screen views of man speaking and scenes of Melbourne – Buy your pass C2 Melbourne – girls dancing]

And we’re expecting 3,000 participants from over 30 countries.

Gonul Serbest – Acting Deputy Secretary, Trade Victoria

We’re so happy that C2 has selected Melbourne as their headquarters for Asia Pacific.

[Vision:  Screen views of people enjoying the experiences of C2]

C2 is not just an event or a conference.

[Vision:  Views of lady enjoying the ball pool]

It’s really an experience and it fits so well with Melbourne’s DNA around creativity, ideas, innovation.

We feel like it’s the perfect fit for our city.

[Vision:  Cameraman taking photos of dignitaries – dignitaries playing in the ball pool]

What’s great about the support you’re offering is it’s truly a partnership not just the Victorian government saying we invest in C2 – we’re helping each other on a day-to-day basis.

[Vision:  Dignitaries posing for photograph – people mingling and chatting]

And we want to bring the world back to see the incredible innovation that’s happening here.

[Vision:  Martin speaking]

The ball pool is a very fun activity.

And on top of being fun we can actually tackle business issues from a different perspective.

[Vision:  Dignitaries playing in the ball pool]

When someone gets in a ball pool as you may have seen with the Minister earlier, everyone is playful, everyone wants to throw balls to each other, and that enables them to see a different perspective on a business problem.

[Vision:  Martin at podium speaking – people listening to him speak]

We’ve been really pleased to see the business community get behind C2.

And there’s a lot of energy and buzz around it.

[Vision:  Gonul speaking]

So we feel that this will create a really good ecosystem across the arts, design, business, commerce, creativity sectors here in Victoria.

[Vision:  Screen views of the Brighton bathing boxes – C2 Melbourne]

So we’re very excited, and we’re really keen to see business really supported into the future.

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