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Hi, I’m Callum. I’m a freelance writer and one of the creators of ‘The Heart of PAX’ video. The second half of the project was Stefan Chochowski, cameraman and editor. Here’s how we put the short film together.

When coming up with the concept of the video, we thought about what makes PAX so special to so many people. We know people love videogames, but we asked ourselves why people get so excited about PAX in particular? A quick Google search turns up plenty of information about new games, so why visit an expo like PAX?

We decided that it was about the people. Not only the people that love videogames getting together to enjoy them, but the chance to meet the people who make them as well. PAX showcases games, but more importantly it brings people together from fans, creators and the press.

That’s what we decided to make our video about: a dramatization of us trying to find the people who make the heart of PAX.

The main hall of PAX Australia, where a majority of the scenes were shot
The main hall of PAX Australia, where a majority of the scenes were shot

Anyone who went to PAX Australia 2013 is probably curious as to where the opening party scenes were shot. It certainly wasn’t on the floor or during the event.

What we said during the video wasn’t that far from the truth. The event was a party held for exhibitors and stakeholders acting as an opening for the PAX weekend. It was a different side to PAX that the average visitor wouldn’t see. Obviously the show floor is what most people experience, but PAX is also a great opportunity for Australian developers to network with each other, not just the fans.

The sections on the floor were the most fun to shoot. We didn’t really have any expectations as to how it would all turn out, so simply spoke to the people who were either in the best costumes, or looked like they were having the most fun. Most were more than happy to have a chat. If some of them look familiar, one of the couples we interviewed became minor Internet celebrities for proposing at the event.

A still from the pre-PAX party where we filmed the opening scenes
A still from the pre-PAX party where we filmed the opening scenes

The moment where I met Jerry Holkins was completely unexpected. So unexpected we didn’t have the cameras running and had to improvise with an iPhone. It was a pretty useful shot too, adding a little closure to our whole story.

Kirsty Sculler was great to work with for the bookend segments, which we shot long after the event was over. We were also fortunate enough to be lent the music by Melbourne based chiptune artist Tiasu. You should definitely check out his work.

Hopefully you enjoyed the short video we put together and enjoy PAX Aus 2014 – 31 October to 2 November 2014!

Author: Callum Glennen
ex Journalism Student at La Trobe University and Critic
Twitter: @callumglennen

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