Chinese thirsting for Victorian craft beer

View of Woodend and Holgate Brewhouse building in the background

China’s beer market is the world’s biggest, worth more than A$490 billion a year, and changing tastes mean there is fast-growing demand for high quality craft beers.

Last week the Victorian Government took 10 key Chinese buyers on a tour to regional Victoria to taste the very best of our craft beer at local breweries like Holgate in Woodend.

The group was part of the Victoria Invitation Program, the state’s flagship inbound trade mission, which this year brought more than 150 key buyers and influencers from 19 different countries to see the best of Victoria’s goods and services, and to connect with local businesses to boost exports and create jobs.

Video transcript

Holgate Brewery delegation

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[Vision: Holgate Brewhouse sign, beer menu, beer being poured from a tap, close up of beer in a Holgate Brewhouse glass]

Jasmine Zhu-Taylor, General Manager, Liquid Solutions Asia
If anything Chinese people are seeking new products all the time. Especially Australia’s one of the most famous tourist destinations.
And if you look at the wine coming out of Australia exported into China the number is huge.
But we also see craft beers starting to get popular in the Chinese market as well, which is a positive thing.
What I find about Victorian craft beer breweries, very creative.

Chris Brady, Head Brewer, Holgate Brewhouse
I just think it gives people a choice that’s different from what the big breweries are offering. A choice in different flavours, different styles.
We’re expanding so we’re still in the midst of that process but we’ll be finished sometime this year.

Jasmine Zhu-Taylor
We’ve actually found quite a few we really like already, and we hopefully can start talking straight away.