BIO International Convention offers growth opportunities for life sciences industry

Victorian companies working in the life sciences sector have made it a priority to attend this month’s BIO International Convention in San Diego (June 19-22). AusBiotech CEO Glenn Cross says being part of the Australian delegation has the potential to change the path of the future for industry players.

BIO International is the major global conference for the Biotech and Pharma technology industry and offers a range of opportunities for Victorian members to meet global players. The event draws together over 16,000 attendees from 5,000+ companies which include leading biotech and pharma companies and more than 300 academic institutions including major research labs and world government agencies.

“Breakthrough 2017” features the latest trends, technology, companies, and breakthrough ideas in biotech and pharma. Chairman of the Biotechnology Organisation John Maraganore, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. provides insight into the trending topics in Life Sciences that are high on the conference agenda. These include advancing patient focussed drug development with the FDA, the Biotechnology Innovation Organisation’s Values education campaign. The conference provides both a global perspective and networking opportunities to help manage the challenges of commercialising science.

John Maranganore explains that the ‘Breakthrough’ that is the theme of this year’s conference refers to “breakthrough to therapeutics that will make an enormous difference to our patients’ lives.”

Any Victorian company working in this sector attending the conference will find the minute you enter this industry, you are global. This is the one place and time where Victorian life sciences delegates can make their product or service known on an international stage.

Every country that has a focus on life sciences, and all the major companies and research organisations in the sector are attending. BIO International is a nexus to meet potential business partners, collaborators, investors and government representatives in life sciences.

AusBiotech’s role is to represent the Australian life sciences sector both at home and internationally. Primarily, our main focus is the sustainable growth of the sector. We have been leading the Australian delegation to the annual BIO International expo, and taking responsibility for the Australian pavilion, since 2005.

We are world leaders

Australia is a world-leading location for biotechnology, boasting the largest listed sector as a proportion of GDP in the world. We are among the world leaders in areas such as regenerative medicine. We are among the top four or five countries in the world in immunology and immunotherapy. Additionally, Australia is proving to be a global leader in conducting clinical trials.

Melbourne is also one of the premier locations for companies looking at conducting early clinical trials and also as part of their later stage global programs. That’s because we have a first-class health care system, highly trained clinicians and regulators and we also offer great tax incentives for companies to run trials here.

There are a number of clinical trial organisations already on the list of delegates—such as clinical research organisations Nucleus Network and Cancer Trials Australia.

They’re are not alone. The Victorian Government is hosting a range of state organisations on their section of the Australian stand, including biotech companies such as global therapeutics leader CSL, virology and immunology service provider 360biolabs and pharma developer IDT Australia. Melbourne based groups such as the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and BioCurate will also take the stage.

Meetings that add value

There are many networking and social activities available at BIO International. With 20,000 people from the life sciences community set to be on location, you will meet people who can add value to your business.

The Convention also offers a very active Business Partnering Program with access to all the other international delegates.

It’s an opportunity to see what the rest of the world is doing but for first-time delegates, it can be daunting. The exhibition area is huge—probably twice the size of ‘Jeff’s Shed’ at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre—and there are so many people, you could wander around and not accomplish what you want to because it is so overwhelming. Here’s a link to the conference BIO BUZZ Channel to catch up with daily reports and interviews with conference speakers and delegates.

AusBiotech is there to help delegates and exhibitors attend, be a part of everything and see where it leads.

** The BIO International Convention offers intensive networking and partnership discovery opportunities. It features a wide spectrum of life science areas including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy.

Glenn Cross
CEO, AusBiotech